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STEM-X Summer Program

STEM-X Summer Program

This year STEM-X will be held from June 7-18, 2021. Classes are offered at three levels: 

  • Early Elementary for students entering grades 1-3 in Fall 2021, 
  • Elementary for grades 4-5, and 
  • Middle School for grade levels 6-9.

Class sizes are limited to 10 students per class for Early Elementary, and 15 per class for Elementary and Middle School levels. In order to apply for admission, students must submit applications which include a recommendation from a teacher. Once admitted, based on the availability of seats remaining, students get to choose which classes they’d like to take.

A wide variety of classes are offered—you can find the classes we had planned for 2020 on the website. (We are planning on adding the 2021 classes we have so far by the end of January, and updating it with additional classes as we hire new staff.) While the content of the classes varies, they are all project-based learning opportunities and teachers allow student-interest to determine the direction the classes take. The teachers strive to make students comfortable with being creative, making decisions and modifications, and collaborating with their peers and the teacher in order to find solutions. 


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