Eagles After Hours

Eagles After Hours (EAH) is the after school program starting its 17th year at Wellington Middle School!   This program offers opportunities for students to participate in many courses after school hours, from 2:45-5:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  All students must turn in a signed permission slip before they may participate! 

Course offerings can include yoga, Eagle Hour Homework Help, sewing, outdoor adventure, dance, National Junior Honor Society, MASH (Music After School Hours) and general music classes, aerobics, art, cooking, roping, and sports and games classes.  We continue to seek volunteers to help with the homework hour and you may wish to volunteer for that program.  Please contact Wellington Muddle School for more information.   If you would like to teach a class, contact us at 488-6600.  Transportation to group drop-off stops in our area is provided on PSD school buses and will get as close to home as possible.                    

Don’t miss out joining “Eagles After Hours”!   More than 85% of WMS participate in after school activities/athletics!

For more information, call Christie Brucher at 488-6643