Who will earn the PHS Ubuntu Scholarship for Wellington Middle School?

The Ubuntu Scholarship:  “I am who I am because of who we are.” at Wellington Middle School

Purpose:  Oftentimes the highly motivated, involved students in middle schools come to a large high school and fade into the sea of students.  Without being noticed, some fall through the cracks.  Middle school teachers and principals know these “diamonds in the rough.”  Our goal would be to give students a “carrot” in middle school to stay involved and in good academic standing throughout their high school years.  This carrot would be in the form of scholarship $ to be used at a college of the student’s choice should the student follow certain criteria during their 4 years at Poudre High School.  It’s also designed to motivate students early, rather than awarding a student a scholarship at their 11th grade year when they’ve already had 2 years to fall behind.

 Criteria Students Must Follow at PHS to be Awarded Scholarship:

Student involves him/herself in some type of extracurricular activity for each of the four years at PHS
Student maintains a 3.0 Cumulative GPA
Student does not have any discipline referrals during their high school tenure

Should a student fail to meet the criteria during his/her tenure at PHS, the following will occur:

 Student will go before the review board to appeal his case for retaining the scholarship (review board will be members of PHS Impala Board).
Should the review board deny the student’s appeal, or the student is not able to meet the criteria again, the alternate will be granted the scholarship pending the alternate meets all criteria.

During the 2017-2018 school year, one student will be chosen from Wellington Middle School. Students would be awarded their “Letter of Intent” in May of their 8th grade year during the WMS 8th Grade Celebration.   Parents are invited to the presentation.  A counselor will be chosen at PHS to monitor student’s progress and provide support if needed.Should student fulfill obligations, money will be dispersed to chosen school upon graduation.