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970) 488-6600 EXT(6625)
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I am a new teacher to Wellington as well as new to the profession! I recently graduated from CSU with a Natural Sciences & Education major and am greatly looking forward to working the the Wellington staff and students! I am a Colorado native who has lived within Colorado all of my life. I love getting outdoors and hiking whenever possible and enjoying all of the wonderful recreation that this beautiful state has to offer. I also greatly enjoy traveling outside of the United States and have visited Italy, Greece, and Spain (hopefully New Zealand here soon!) Exploring new cultures and learning about history through visiting these countries is one of my great joys. I am a huge lover of animals and have one Boxer named Bear! He loves accompanying me on many of my adventures!

Educational Background: 

Colorado State University Graduate 2016

Wellington Middle School 2016-2017

Why I enjoy teaching: 

I LOVE working with kids!

Favorite Books: 

Harry Potter Series


Ender's Series

The Kite Runner

The Great Gatsby


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What I love about my school: 

The staff and the culture of the entire building is something that is felt everywhere within (and outside!) of the walls. The staff here is incredibly supportive and positive and strive each and every day to create a learning environment that is the absolute best for kids.

Favorite Quote: 

"Understanding is the first step to acceptance and only through acceptance can there be recovery" -J.K. Rowling

My Classroom
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Science 6, Science 7, Technology

About My Classroom: 

I strive everyday to create a classroom culture where students are exploring new ideas and incorporating their own knowledge, creativity, and insight to a variety of activities. Students learn best when they are the ones driving their education and that is a model I strive to emulate within the classroom.