We believe that all students can be successful at WMS and we will work with students to help them meet academic goals. Student grades are broken into two different categories, standards and work habits.  Standard grades communicate students' mastery of well defined essential standards (exactly what is it we want all students to learn?) Work habit grades provide information about student behavior in the classroom including participation, productivity, preparedness, and positive classroom behavior.  Please see the attached Work Habits Rubric below.

After one week of school expect the following from your student: Each student MUST use a WMS assignment notebook.  All students will be charged a $3.00 academic charge that will include the purchase of a planner and a subscription to a student focused magazine, used in classes this year.   

Parents/Guardians:  Please ask to see the assignment notebook each night or at least once a week to assure good planning.  It is absolutely critical to monitor your student’s progress at least weekly to verify that work is being completed and turned in in a timely way.  Go Eagles!

Work Habits Rubric

Courses Available 2019-2020

Course Description Guide (pdf)

Please use the link below to access the Wellington Middle School Course Description Guide.  This guide contains all courses offered by Wellington Middle School.

The courses that your student can register for are found on their  grade level course registration form.  If you have any questions concerning course registration please call or email Mr. Peisner at:  970.488.6605 or

2019-2020 Course Description Guide

Elective Pathway Guide