Library Hours & Circulation

The Library Media Center opens at 7:45 a.m. and remains open until 3:15 p.m. on most afternoons. The LMC is closed before school for meetings on the first Wednesday of the month. A sign will be posted on these days. If your student needs to use the LMC when it's closed, please have them check with our Media staff to find out what other options exist. Students do not need a pass for before or after school.

During Class:

Students must show a pass from their classroom teacher to Media staff upon entry. We love getting to know our students and greeting them is the first step! 

Lunch Pass:

Students may pick up a lunch pass in the Media Center before they go to lunch. Students place pass in the pass folder upon arrival at the Media Center and will stay the remainder of the lunch period. They can proceed to class when their lunch period is over.


Students may check out 2 items at a time. 

  • Books may be checked out for a 2 weeks
  • Audio Books/Play-Aways may be checked out for 5 days
  • eBooks may be checked out any time from school or home for 2 weeks
  • iPads/Kindles may be used during school hours
  • Cameras/Camcorders may be used during school hours
  • Loaner laptops may only be used during school hours

We encourage students to return the items when they are finished. Overdue notices are automatically emailed to students and serve as reminders to return the books or items if finished reading or using. Students are responsible for regularly checking their PSD email accounts.