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Staff Directory

Staff Name Role E-Mail
Atkinson, Nikki Art Teacher natkinson@psdschools.org
Bartling, Hilarie Assistant Principal, Athletic Director hbartlin@psdschools.org
Bass, Katie Integrated Services Teacher kbass@psdschools.org
Becker, Olivia Spanish Teacher, Department Chair obecker@psdschools.org
Binder, Heather Mathematics Teacher hbinder@psdschools.org
Brigham, Emily ILS Teacher ebrigham@psdschools.org
Buffington, Marc Assistant Principal, Activities Director marcb@psdschools.org
Burnham, Marti Art Teacher, Department Chair mburnham@psdschools.org
Callahan, Mike Mathematics Teacher mcallahan@psdschools.org
Cienfuegos-Baca, Tanya Mathematics Teacher tcienfue@psdschools.org
Clark, Joanna Mathematics Teacher joannac@psdschools.org
Clark, Cassandra Receptionist cclark@psdschools.org
Cleary, William Band Teacher, 6th Grade Lead, Department Chair wcleary@psdschools.org
Coen, Amy Integrated Services Paraprofessional acoen@psdschools.org
Colburn, Samantha Teacher Librarian/Media Specialist scolburn@psdschools.org
Colburn, Dustin Mathematics Teacher dcolburn@psdschools.org
Davis, Penelope Language Arts Teacher , Drama Teacher pdavis@psdschools.org
Delahunt, Katie Counselor Last Names Lan-Rie kdelahunt@psdschools.org
DeWitt, Paula 6th Grade Math Teacher, 7th Grade Math Teacher, High Dosage Tutor pdewitt@psdschools.org
Draxten, Vanessa Health Technician, Attendance vdraxten@psdschools.org
Durham, Jessica Integrated Services Teacher jdurham@psdschools.org
Else, Heidi Bookkeeper helse@psdschools.org
Eppard, Madeline Integrated Services Teacher meppard@psdschools.org
Faupel, Emily Language Arts Teacher efaupel@psdschools.org
Fisher, Greg Assistant to the Athletic Director gfisher@psdschools.org
Fox , Brian Dean of Students bfox@psdschools.org
Fuller, Wes Campus Security Officer wfuller@psdschools.org
Garza, Robert Science Teacher robertg@psdschools.org
Gaucher, Tammy Integrated Services Paraprofessional tgaucher@psdschools.org
Geisler, Shawna Integrated Services Paraprofessional sgeisler@psdschools.org
Genson, Todd Literacy Teacher, ELD Teacher, 7th Grade Lead tgenson@psdschools.org
Genson, Anne Physical Education Teacher agenson@psdschools.org
Gore, Alexandra Language Arts Teacher, Yearbook Advisor agore@psdschools.org
Gray, Mitch Technology Site Manager mgray@psdschools.org
Hallenbeck, Nicole Vocal Music, Piano, Music Explorations nhallenb@psdschools.org
Hansen, Sarah Nurse
Hanson , Kerny FACS Teacher kernyh@psdschools.org
Hawkins, Kimberly Integrated Services Paraprofessional khawkins@psdschools.org
Herzog, Marissa College and Career Center Coordinator, Gifted and Talented Site Coordinator, Concurrent Enrollment Liaison mherzog@psdschools.org
Hill, Rebecca Spanish Teacher rhill@psdschools.org
Hobbs, Britni Counseling Secretary bhobbs@psdschools.org
Holman, Deborah Science Teacher, Department Chair dholman@psdschools.org
Hopkins, Haley High School English Language Arts Teacher hhopkins@psdschools.org
Hughes, Lucas Language Arts Teacher lhughes@psdschools.org
Jackson, Aaron Social Studies Teacher, Department Chair ajackson@psdschools.org
Jasmann, Christine High School English Language Arts Teacher cjasmann@psfschools.org
Kelly, Nadene School Office Manager nkelly@psdschools.org
King, Jennifer Media Assistant jenniferk@psdschools.org
Kline, Chris Social Studies Teacher ckline@psdschools.org
Krotz, Troy Principal, administrator tkrotz@psdschools.org
Larsen, Brett Assistant Principal blarsen@psdschools.org
Lehrer, Christopher Social Studies Teacher clehrer@psdschools.org
Lundeen, Caroline French teacher clundeen@psdschools.org
Luze, Dawn McKinney-Vento Advocate dluze@psdschools.org
Magruder, Chloe 7th and 8th Grade English Language Arts Teacher cmagruder@psdschools.org
McGahey , Robert - Mr. Wolf FACS Teacher, FACS Department chair rmcgahey@psdschools.org
McVicker, Marty Technology & Engineering Teacher mmcvicke@psdschools.org
McWilliams, Katie Mathematics Teacher kmcwilliams@psdschools.org
Mercer, Molly Social Studies Teacher mmercer@psdschools.org
Miller, Danielle Integrated Services Teacher daniellem@psdschools.org
Mitchell, Jen High School English Language Arts Teacher jemitchell@psdschools.org
Morschhauser, Todd IS Teacher 9th/10th tmorschhauser@psdschools.org
Moulton, Emily School Psychologist emoulton@psdschools.org
Murphy, Katelin Art Teacher kmills@psdschools.org
Nestler, Laura Mathematics Teacher, Department Chair lnestler@psdschools.org
Newbanks, Melissa WBL/ACE Coordinator mnewbanks@psdschools.org
Oliveira-Flores, Cecicle Spanish Teacher coliveiraflores@psdschools.org
Orswell, Nicole Instructional Coach norswell@psdschools.org
Owsley, Lisa ILS Teacher lowsley@psdschools.org
Perez, Ezequiel Spanish Teacher ezequielp@psdschools.org
Pollacek, Jessie Integrated Services Paraprofessional, Rodeo Club Advisor jpollacek@psdschools.org
Pouncy, Melvin Agriculture Teacher mpouncy@psdschools.org
Quinlan, A. Russell (Rusty) Dean of Students aquinlan@psdschools.org
Riep, Jenna Art Teacher, Student Council Teacher, Ambassadors Teacher jriep@psdschools.org
Robinson, Becca Social Studies Teacher rrobinson@psdschools.org
Rodriguez, Hilda Aida Family Liaison hrodrigu@psdschools.org
Schmurr, Kaitlynn Science Teacher, Student Council Teacher kschmurr@psdschools.org
Shaw, Andrew Mathematics Teacher ashaw@psdschools.org
Sifrit, Jason Drug and Alcohol Counselor jsifrit@psdschools.org
Smith, Craig Integrated Services Paraprofessional csmith@psdschools.org
Stalnaker, Mary Social Studies Teacher mstalnak@psdschools.org
Stephens, Diane Business Teacher dianes@psdschools.org
Venzor, Ana Family Liaison avenzortrevizo@psdschools.org
Walker, Michaela Mathematics Teacher michaelaw@psdschools.org
Walker, Molly Integrated Services Teacher, Department Chair mwalker@psdschools.org
Walker, Noah Computer Education Teacher, Orchestra Teacher nwalker@psdschools.org
Wall, Bethnie Registrar BWall@psdschools.org
Watkins, Steven Assistant Principal, Assessment Coordinator swatkins@psdschools.org
White, Wendy Language Arts Teacher, Department Chair wendyw@psdschools.org
Wilkens, Nick PE Teacher nwilkens@psdschools.org
Woods, Mac Counselor Last Names F-Lam mawoods@psdschools.org
Zaggle-Rawson, Carla Family Consumer Science Teacher czaggle-rawson@psdschools.org
Zenisek, Katherine Science Teacher kzenisek@psdschools.org
PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.