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FollettShelf eBooks

We have eBooks.

FolletShelf is Wellington's library of eBooks, and you can check them out anytime - even on weekends and breaks!

Access is easy.  Just, click on the Follett Shelf logo below.  Find the book you wish to read, click "Log In," click on "Poudre Single Sign-On," and log in the same way you log in to your laptop.  


eBooks on Mobile Devices:

You can download the Destiny Discover Reader app works on your iPad and Android.  

To sign in to the Destiny Discover Reader app, choose "Colorado" for Location, type in "Wel" to find the school, and log in how you would log in to your laptop.  Click submit.

You can also read eBooks from a mobile device that does not have access to Google Play or Apple App store. Any device with an internet connection and a web browser can access eBooks.

Happy Reading!!!!!

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