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At Wellington Middle School, no barrier exists to depreciate our confidence in our students.  Teachers at WMS are impassioned educators, teaching the whole child, even within mathematics classrooms.  Students receive a wide variety of opportunities to engage in learning math.  From individually utilizing and valuing their #1 resource -- Interactive Notebooks to cooperative problem solving with their peers in self-discovery learning – Workshop Model education, each child at WMS is ready to face high school with a repertoire of tools to begin their planning for a successful post-secondary life.

Our instruction is balanced with the Colorado Academic Standards in tandem with The Standards for Mathematical Practice.  We also put emphasis in implementing a deep foundation of conceptual understanding contained within the process of learning mathematics so that the efficient algorithms we learn and use retain a more significant foothold on our work to practice and utilize problem-solving skills.  We want our students to leave middle school with confidence to apply their learning to any unpredictable situation they face within real life, the workforce, or at their next level of math in high school.

Mathematical Practice